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Interior remodeling projects

can be a time consuming nightmare for most homeowners. Running from big box stores to specialty retailers in search of cabinets, tile and other products, only to find you can’t put your entire project together due to the limitations of their product lines. Then having to meet with the contractor or installer of each product to get pricing from them, only to find out that they can’t be there in the timeframe you need them to keep your project on schedule and in budget. And if you missed a step in the process completely?… it could mean hundreds if not thousands of dollars extra on your project just because nobody gave it a thought. Not to mention being the point of communication between all of these groups can quickly take your renovation from a fun idea to a second job in no time, but is there another option?

The answer is yes, we do that for you. Welcom Design & Remodeling is a fully inclusive Kitchen, Bathroom, and Interior Remodeling company. We provide the designs, products, craftsmen, trades and project management needed to complete your project, under one roof. Our showroom features everything you will need to select for your interior remodeling project. Our professional staff will help you select cabinets, countertops, tile, flooring, plumbing fixtures, even the kitchen sink. Then they will put together a complete budget for your project from demolition to the final walkthrough. All you will need to do is sit there with a cup of coffee and watch us turn your dream into reality.

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