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How much does it cost for kitchen or bathroom renovation?

If you rely on the home improvement shows for your information it can be many thousands of dollars and take several months to complete, or it is very inexpensive and only takes a weekend and some very skilled friends, depending on which show you are watching. At Welcom, we know it is somewhere in between, depending upon the products used and the scope of work for the entire project. We know how important your budget is, and we have developed a detailed plan to help you make informed decisions to keep your renovation on time and in budget. Here are the steps we will need to take to get your project going.

In Home Consultation:

Whether you call for an appointment or visit our showroom, we prefer to meet at your home to discuss your project. Our sales associate will take measurements of your home and explore various design options. They will discuss the features and options you would like, as well as get a sense for the colors, styles and products you prefer. Depending on how large of a project you are discussing, this initial meeting will take between 30 minutes and one hour, and it will take us a few days to put the initial proposal together. We feel this is the most important part of the process, and the basis for the entire project. Therefore we do not charge for this service, it is our gift to you.

Project review:

For this appointment we are going to ask you to come into the showroom to review the initial proposal. By this time we have put together a complete computerized design and will review it in our design center. We will also review all of the products that were selected for your project and review a detailed scope of work and cost for the project. Please realize there is a wide range of costs within each product category. Your initial budget is based on your requests, and there are always options available to fit you into your budget.

Field verification:

Once you have reviewed the proposal, and have decided to go forward with the project, another trip to your home is required. This time the project manager and your salesperson will meet there to verify that the design will indee work in your home. The pm will check things such as electrical and plumbing requirements, verification of measurements, worksite dimensions, and the overall scope of work and schedule for your project. This portion of the process is 2% of the budget or a flat fee of 250.00. and it is credited to the cost of your project.

Finalize contract:

upon completion of field verification, Once again we will meet at the showroom to choose final selections. You will receive detailed drawings of your project, a written scope of work detailing the work to be performed and the materials selected. Additionally, in your scope of work is a schedule of activity for your project. This schedule is a guideline so you will know exactly what the construction process is from day one to completion.